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Fish and frog Hilary

Does anyone have a frog longing for a mate? Or know how to teach a fish karate lessons? Well, I have both creatures and one of them is badly in need of learning self-defence.

Three days ago this lovelorn frog jumped on a big fish in my garden pool and held on … and on … and on. My fish swam madly for hours; I feel sure that he was trying to free himself from the frog.

I thought that the frog would hop off all by himself, but no ... by the third day, the fish was obviously getting tired, so although we were concerned that we might hurt either fish or frog by pulling the frog off, drastic action was needed.


Not quite knowing how to go about this I resorted to Google. You know the sort of wording 'how to remove a frog from a fish'- well, I learned a lot of funny things – I could find out how to remove a frog from a toilet ☹, a drain, my home, even my throat ☺, and I discovered how to remove a frog’s brain (but I’m not into dissecting to be honest). However, I had absolutely no joy in learning how to prise one from a fish.

Someone had posted that frogs introduce many germs to a fish pool and in turn the germs kill your fish. I can honestly say that ours have lived happily side-by-side (but never before clinging to one another) for almost twenty years.

There was a long article warning that frogs themselves can kill fish and was told that pond owners should remove them from the pond immediately they are seen ... this article wasn't very forthcoming as to how they kill the fish, and there was no mention that they might have cuddled them to death. Also how one would actually find and remove frogs from a deep pool is beyond me.


Fish and frog Hilary

Lacking Google advice we decided to get the 'pink' net and scoop out one very tired fish that was now hardly moving. Hands were ready to hopefully carefully prise the clinging frog from its back.
I looked at the gaping mouth of our poor fish as he lay in the bottom of the net, my husband's hand approached the frog (notice I delegated this bit!) and before you could blink, a very lively frog leapt high in the air, over us (thank goodness) and landed back in the pond with a plonk.

You'll be glad to know our very tired fish swam away, apparently unhurt.

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Hilary Coombes
Who Am I?

Hi folks, just a bit about me …I was born in Devon and brought up in Bristol. After juggling family and studying for university as a mature student I taught in various schools and colleges, eventually specialising in teaching blind students which was so rewarding.

I now live between Somerset and Spain with my husband, and at last I can indulge my passion to write. My debut novel ‘The Hen Party’ was accepted by a publisher and is now available on Amazon. (I’ve been floating on air since I knew!) It's about a flamboyant 50 year old woman who is forced to confront her deeply buried feelings when one of her companions reveals a secret.

I believe we all need to be happy and healthy to enjoy life so I do my best to ensure my writing makes people smile.

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