Naughty Dog

Daisy sniffed the morning air. It smelled good – but she was scared. Her owner Tom Wilson had occasionally observed that Daisy Belle was afraid of nothing. But what did he know?

 ShortStory R Westwell

There is still time to enter the short story competition associated with Witchford Writers’ Day.

Ghost story

This story is a work of fiction. I visited an Elizabethan house and let my imagination take over.

 Lipstick Sharon B

“You'd be doing me a great favour,” Pat, my neighbour began. “You've got such a lovely complexion, Hetty.”
I was surprised. “Have I?”

 Valentines Day SB

“Morning! Where an earth did all this snow come from?” Val asked, as she stomped her way to The Book Shelf bookshop, kicking the snow off her boots before opening the door.