After the Hurricane the weather improved tremendously, and as we sailed to the very top of North Cape on our way to Kirkenes, near the Russian border, the sea felt like a millpond.

Norway HC

DAY 8. I am alarmed and the feeling grows with each passing hour.

 Hilary Norway

DAY FIVE We awoke to another dark grey sky and the usual rain belting noisily against our boat’s porthole. I don’t know whether there were rough seas last night, if so I managed to sleep despite them. The grey depressing mood lingered into breakfast time when something uplifting happened.

 Norway HC

DAY SIX AND SEVEN. Arctic Circle celebrations on deck this morning. This consists of some brave passengers having ice put down their neck by Neptune.

Norway HC

DAY FOUR If you have read the earlier articles in this series you’ll know I’m on my way to see the Northern Lights (hopefully).