GTech Ram

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It is time to replace my vacuum. After fifteen years of picking up dust. pet hairs, food, etc etc, my trusty machine is ready to retire. So many models of all shapes and sizes to choose from. Where does one start?

I need the following criteria:

1. Lightweight
2. Efficient
3. Value for money
4. Easy to operate

After looking around the internet, seeing adverts on the television and visiting electrical retailers, I now own the GTech Air Ram and it’s companion, the Multi.

Am I happy? Oh YES!!

There is a very informative Gtech website listing all the products sold. Not only can you buy vacuums and sweepers, you can also buy cordless garden products and even an electric bike! The following paragraph includes some of the very favourable reviews from publications that can be read on the website.

Gtech was founded in 2001 by Nick Grey from his home in Worcestershire.  He was concerned that his 92 year old grandmother was struggling with her vacuuming and was determined to design a vacuum that would suit her needs. In 2002 Nick invented the world’s first cordless power sweeper. In 2012, the Air Ram was launched and has had massive media acclaim, from the Daily Mail stating “Is this the best vacuum cleaner ever?” through to the Daily Express saying "money will be saved through energy savings", "Top Gadget" in the Sunday Times. Which magazine wrote a glowing report and The Good Housekeeping Institute has also endorsed the products.

As Nick states...

“Our mission is to provide the best loved floor-care and garden products in the world.”

"Gtech have gone from strength to strength. Today, we’ve sold over 22 million products in 19 countries and have employees in the United Kingdom, United States of America and the People’s Republic of China, making us experts in the field of cordless innovation."

"From our British headquarters, our creative team of Designers, Engineers and Model Makers are focussed on creating uncomplicated, easy to use products, which will make your life easier."


Gtech AirRamK9

I have never been excited about using a vacuum before, but after such glowing reviews, I couldn't wait to start vacuuming! After charging for four hours, I began to see how my Air Ram peformed in the lounge. Can one describe a vacuum as 'amazing?' So light and effortless, it only took me five minutes from one end of the lounge to the other! Next, the hall and kitchen took less than two minutes. I carried my Air Ram upstairs easily. It is SO light. Three bedrooms were soon completed and I feel like Freddie Mercury In 'I want to break free'  Actually there is an advert on Gtech website called 'Break Free'. Do take a look! 


Smiling AND vacuuming? Surely not! Gtech AirRam K9 is great!

When emptying a standard vacuum, the dust flies everywhere, creating yet more dust. The AirRam is simplicity itself. Simply by lifting the lid, the dust can be removed either by hand or by placing in a wastebin.

G Tech

Easy to empty Gtech AirRam K9

The amount picked up has compressed into two 'bales', what a brilliant idea. There are also floral scented filters which leave the rooms smelling clean and fresh.

GTech Multi

Charging the Multi for 4 hours prior to use

Next I tried out the Multi. After charging for four hours, I started vacuuming the stairs and surrounds. What suction! And a free extending 14 inch tube made light work of the skirting boards. The brush heads picked up everything effortlessly. I then removed the dust from my lampshades. All in all, I had completed these tasks in less than forty minutes! And that's the whole house. With my old appliance, I used to take two days, downstairs one day and upstairs the next and it WAS a real CHORE.


Handing over to a male friend to try out and he was indeed impressed!


Simply replacing the Multi on a stair tread to answer the door, no fear of it tumbling down the stairs like my old vacuum once did!

G Tech

Emptying the Multi - simplicity itself!

So, after owning my two products for just over one week, what do I think?

Without hesitation I can highly recommend these two Gtech products. No more tripping over wires and the plug becoming dislodged through pulling too much. Easy to manoeuvre around corners and due to the light weights of both the AirRam and Multi, people with mobility or arthritic problems should be able to cope far easier. A two year guarantee is included, along with free delivery and excellent customer service from the company.

If you need to replace your vacuum, I would urge you to purchase these models. You won't be disappointed and as someone who has never enjoyed vacuuming, I actually look forward to it now!

Click on blow images to order the Multi and the Air Ram.



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