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 Do you prefer powder, liquid or gel capsules when machine washing clothes? I like to try them all!

I have been sent some Persil Bio capsules. Now with two extra capsules in each pack compared to the previous packs, this looks like a good buy!

Please take a moment to read the manufacturers latest press release.

Persil Mono Capsules now have two extra capsules in every pouch*, offering even better value for the powerful stain removal you know and love. So round up the little ones and grab your wellies, as it’s time to get outside and enjoy even more messy play-days with the family.

Persil Mono Capsules are tough on stain removal in just one dose; the biological detergent offers everything you need for effective stain removal – providing you with the ultimate fuss-free, convenient way to clean and care for clothes.

Persil understands that ‘Dirt is Good’, and thanks to the added capsules in the new Persil Mono Capsules pouches, you can say yes to more messy adventures. Puddle jumping, practicing cartwheels in the park, painting their next masterpiece – wherever the mess comes from, Persil Mono Capsules are on hand to spin it away.

Clare Logan, Brand Manager for Persil, says: “We’re really excited to offer consumers even better value through the addition of two extra Persil Mono Capsules in our new pouches, compared to the previous packs. We believe that dirt is good – so we’re thrilled to be able to give households up and down the country more opportunities to enjoy messy play through the extra capsules – knowing that wherever the dirt comes from, Persil is on hand with its powerful stain removal to take care of it.”

The newly designed Persil Mono Capsules pouches not only contain extra capsules, but they have 70% less plastic. They are available in 12, 22 and 38 packs – with the 12 and 22 pack containing two extra capsules and the 38 pack containing three extra capsules, to power even more messy play.

I have been using the capsules myself now for two weeks and this is what my findings are:-


The items of clothing, bedding etc wash perfectly well at lower temperatures and smell clean and fresh when taken out of the machine.

There is no residue left in the drawer or the drum as the capsule dissolves completely. Less after cleaning involved!

A bittering agent is added to the surface of the capsule to help prevent accidental ingestion by children.

A clear WARNING label is on the pack should any capsules contents spill onto the skin, especially the eyes.

Packs are easy to store and take up less room than bulky boxes of powder.


The capsules work out dearer on the whole per wash, compared to powders and liquids, but that may change when offers are available in different retailers.

With regards to the stain removal claim, dirt, grease and general everyday spillages such as fruit juice, tea, coffee etc are washed effectively. However, curry stains and tomato juice on my tablecloths did not come out completely with the first wash. The stains diminished, but were still visible. However, I soaked the offending tablecloths in some hot water with a small amount of weak bleach and then put 2 Persil Bio capsules in the machine wash. The stains are now barely visible. Please see the photos I took below.

So maybe this negative statement is a bit harsh. What do you think of the results? 

Persil tablecloth

Curry stains barely visible now


Long standing tomato stains finally fading


Having used Persil products for many many years and being pleased with the results, I shall definitely purchase these Bio Capsules again when they are on offer in one of the big supermarkets. At present, they are retailing at £5 for 22 washes here. My children are now grown up so the washing of dirt and grime from playing outside does not occur, it is more likely to be beer stains!

My neighbour has four grandchildren and her daughter tried out some of the capsules. She was very impressed with the results obtained, especially from grass stained football shirts and shorts!

Families who have small children are used to washing their clothes daily after playing in the garden etc. As Persil states, 'We believe that dirt is good.'  As stated above, dirt stains pose no problems to Persil Bio Capsules and a clean bright wash is obtained.

The convenience of capsules far outweighs the possible knocking over of a bottle of Persil liquid or a box of powder by a boistrous 2 year old!

Persil is a product supplied by Unilever.

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Perhaps you will try the products and post a comment?

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