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Entrepreneurs are always looking for adversities since they know and understand that "one mans problem can become another man's blessings".

Opportunities have recently arisen out of a shortage of skilled workers in UK. In fact the worst shortage of skilled workers for 30 years.

This is the case for British plumbers.

The gap between the demand and supply is widening. Plumbing services demand has been on a rapid rise while the number of plumbing apprenticeships has been on a sharp decline for years. 

Kevin Wright

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So if we live in Plymouth for example, do we all rush out and become a Plymouth plumber hoping to become millionaires  by repairing boilers etc? 

No... there is another way which may be far more lucrative. That is, bridging the gap between consumers and service providers. Woahh! What does that mean? Here is a question that will hopefully make it a little less foggy.

Where would most people go to find: 

a builder
an electrician
a tree surgeon
a plumber
a limousine for hire
a tow truck
a pet hospital
a home improvement service
a lawyer
a financial advisor

Has the penny dropped yet?

Of course... the answer is more than likely, Google (search) or social media. Most of us would use 'search' and more often than not it is google is the automatic choice.

SO.. one of the most lucrative skill to learn would be mastering how to dominate in Google search and social media is not far behind.

At 60 years old, over the last 10 months I have been back to school studying SEO (search engine optimization) and lead generation. Now, business is very buoyant.

Kevin Wright

Plumbing bathroom and heating installation

The mastering of this skill is a continuous learning journey but at a certain stage if applied honestly and effectively, it is a very lucrative skill to have. The demand is huge with little competition (of skilled practioners)

A skilled lead generation practitioner can approach any of the above services and many times and in many cases genuinely offer to triple their inquiries. 


By ensuring that the service company's website is seen first when someone searches on Google for their particular service. Normally this would take 60 to 90 days. so having the ability to delay gratification is an advantage.

So a smart Lead Gen specialist would invest their time and money to build a separate website and generate prospects ie. those looking for the service through Google. 

Then pass these 'sales leads' to the service provider upfront. A novel way of approaching a service provider. (Delivering results upfront rather than charging fees)

Giving results in advance is something unheard of in business but this 'out behaving' strategy and ability to delay gratification is certainly keeping most of my competitors at bay.

If the soletrepreneur practitioner repeats the same with say 10 to 20 service companies  and outsources the day to day grind work, he/she is well on the way to more time freedom... well nearly.

In my opinion, for a local business to thrive it is a necessity for them to partner with a marketing specialist. That marketing specialist would need to have the online lead generation skills in his / her tool bag.

The fact that most of the population now searches online for almost all needs, creates a high demand for ethical, honest and skilled online specialists. 

This, then provides a great opportunity for those who have a delayed gratification character, willing to put in the work upfront.

They say that one of the greatest attributes you can have to become successful is the character of 'delayed gratification'

The biggest barrier to entry in SEO or lead generation profession is not the initial study and hard grind (although that is enough to stop most people) but the difficulty in finding a peer support group that continuously stays on top of changes, supports each other and is flexible enough to overcome the ONLY thing that remains constant... CHANGE.

To embrace change is one of the key advantages for businesses today.

Most businesses, especially larger companies have difficulty in this and is just one reason why a Lead generation soletrepreneur can more often than not, out-perform the larger SEO companies.

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