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If, like me, you can remember your mum washing up in the 50's, chances are she was wearing a pair of Marigold gloves to protect her hands.

Now in 2016 after almost 70 years in production, Marigold is still the nations number 1 best selling yellow glove. I also use the gloves and prefer them to supermarket own brands for durability and comfort.

Marigold have now launched a range of cleaning cloths and gloves to suit various tasks indoors and out. I have been sent some samples to try out and here are my findings.


Extra Life Kitchen Gloves

Kitchen Marigold

Strong and durable

As a regular user of Extra Life Kitchen Gloves for washing up, I know how good and long lasting they are. Whereas most cheaper brands are only single or double layered, these are triple layered and are excellent at staying on your hands due to their roll-top cuffs. Even when the water is very hot, I know Marigold gloves won't let me down! 

Gloves For Sensitive Skin

 Sensitive Skin Marigold

Kind and gentle

If you suffer from a latex allergy, then these gloves are for you. Suitable for any household task, they are double layered and gentle to the skin due to their cotton lining. Whilst I think these are a super product, I would not advise using them in water that is VERY hot.

Longer Bathroom Gloves

Bathroom Marigold

Extra length for added prrotection

I LOVE these gloves! I have not tried them before, but they are superb for toilet and bathroom use. With longer cuffs for extra protection and no fear of spillages on hands from the bleaches and chemicals we use to clean our baths, basins, loos etc. Definitely a winner in my book!

Extra Tough Outdoor Gloves

Outdoor Marigold

Sturdy and reliable

I do suffer from eczema from time to time and invariably when gardening, my garden gloves will puncture quite easily from a rose thorn etc. Using these gloves, I feel safer and with their roll top cuffs and cotton lining are a good fit. Ideal for painting a garden fence or decking.

Extra Universal

Extra Safe Marigold

Good value and very useful!

Disposable gloves are a boon and really useful for indoor and outdoor tasks. Whether you are dyeing your hair, painting, clearing up spillages, removing soiled items etc.For a pack of 60 costing a must have for any household!

 Extra Safe

Extra safe marigold

A must when handling food

Do you wear gloves for handling food? Here we have a pack of 40 latex free gloves made from Nitrile and no risk of contamination. They have been certified safe by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF).


Let It Shine!

Let it shine Marigold

A new generation of 'dusters!'

Do you still use dusters? I have up until now. No need anymore as these microfibre cloths are superb for polishing and removing grease marks from all types of surfaces. A pack of four ensures that different rooms in the house can each have a cloth ready to use. Being machine washabl they will last for a very long time.


Oops Away

oops away Marigold

Perfect for cleaning the oven!

A pack of 6 great lightweight cloths ideal for spillages and much tougher than kitchen roll. Can be used time and time again. A must for the kitchen sink!

Squeaky Clean

Squeaky Clean Marigold

Next generation Microfibre cloth

A machine washable cloth made from microfibre with a rubber coating, this is ideal for cleaning and polishing. It works on all surfaces including glass. Liquid is retained really efficiently and this cloth is long lasting. Not advisable for use on surfaces that have bleach on them. Excellent for cleaning shower cubicles and no streaks!


Clean and Gleam

Clean and Gleam

Anti-bacterial scourers

Scourers can be very hit and miss. So many price variations in the shops, really cheap ones are a waste of money and the most expensive ones are not always that efficient. These scourers are anti bacterial and hygienic, give excellent cleaning results and are super absorbent too.

Cleaning Me Softly

Cleaning me softly Marigold

Essential scourers for non stick pots and pans

I am sure we have all made the mistake of cleaning our non stick pans with non suitable scourers! I know I have. Having been given the TEFLON stamp of approval, these are great little sponges and remove even the most stubborn stains.

Why not try some of the above products yourself and let me know how you get on? Prices vary from shop to shop and there are often offers on. Some of the main stockists include Amazon, Asda, B &Q, Dunelm, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsburys, Tesco, Wilko and Waitrose.

I really think the saying 'you get what you pay for' applies to all the produts I have tested. As stated, they are more expensive than shop own brands, but the lifetime of each product more than makes up for the extra costs.

I think Marigold products will be around for another 70 years at least!

Look out for a great raffle to be announced soon and you could win Marigold products!

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