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I have been sent the super powerful GTech AirRam Mk 2 K9 vacuum cleaner to evaluate and I am delighted to report my findings are all positive!

I already own the Air Ram which is an excellent cordless vacuum. See my review of this product here. This model has now been superseded by the AirRam Mk2 and mine is no longer available to buy. 


So compact!

Could GTech improve even more??

The K9 is certainly lighter than my Air Ram weighing in at a mere 3.5Kg. It is strengthened by aluminium components making it able to deal with all types of surfaces. It also has a nifty little button on the arm of the vacuum that slides the handle down to enable easier storage if space is tight.

Another extra on the Air Ram K9 is the light that comes on when the vacuum is switched on at the base so one can see into darker corners etc. See lead photo.


Removing the dirt collection box


Collection box ready for emptying

A redesigned dirt collection system in the K9, makes it easy to empty.  The dirt is compressed into a capsule in the head of the vacuum and is then emptied by using the ejector arm to slide the container off and empty straight into the bin.


Slide down the handle


Open end of collection box easily and empty into bin


Remove inner filter and inner tube from filter


Insert scented tablet into end of tube and replace

I often look after my neighbour's dog and the K9 is designed to cope with animal hair efficiently. I can confirm that this certainly is the case. A great little extra is the scented tablet that fits inside the filter making the smell of pets disperse as you vacuum. These tablets are easily refillable.

K9 Larkin

Mr Larkin

So how do the two vacuums compare?

The K9 is lighter than my Air Ram. However the new AirRam 2 is the same weight as the K9 and also has the same features regarding emptying and stowage. Why is the K9 £50 dearer? Stronger components and extra wide rollers to cover more floor space and scented tablets to keep rooms smelling clean and fresh. 

AirRam K9

I am VERY happy and actually enjoy vacuuming now!!!

In my opinion, if you own a pet or pets then definitely buy the K9, if not then the Air Ram Mark 2 is excellent value at £199 and does everything the K9 does as regards cleaning. The K9 retails at £249.00. Nick Grey, owner and inventor has come up trumps once more with his innovative designs!

There is a great video detailing all aspects of the K9 on Gtech website

You can order directly from Amazon by clicking on below image.

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