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The latest range of cordless vacuums from Shark have now been released and I have been sent model IF250UK to evaluate.

The first thing I noticed when assembling the IF250 was how light this model is! Weighing in at 4kg, this should be suitable for the majority of people to operate.


Ready assembled in no time at all

Shark Duo

Hand held part of vacuum easily removed from the wand

As the Shark website states about this model:-

'Introducing a world’s first. The only cordless vacuums with DuoClean and Flexology technologies. Designed to make every day cleaning easier, faster and more convenient than ever before.'


Shark Duo 

Tools, brush and storage bag

Shark Duo

Charger with two lithium -ion batteries

Shark cordless

Easy to read instrution booklets

The vacuum comes with :-
1 x 30cm Crevice Tool, 1 x Upholstery Tool, 1 x Dusting Brush, 2 x Lithium-Ion Power Pack, 1 x Power Pack Charger, 1 x Accessory Tote Bag,  Quick Start Guide and Instruction Booklet - see photos above.

And so to try the vacuum for the first time. After charging the batteries for three and a half hours, I placed one of them in the hand held device.

Where to start?

I decided to try out the various tools using either the wand or the hand held sections.

Wow, this is such a versatile vacuum. After charging the batteries were fully charged, I placed one in the hand held part of the vacuum. Removing the hand held section I attached the upholstery tool and used this on my three piece suite. Then the dusting brush attachment made light work of the curtains.

The brushes section at the bottom of the wand removed, I attached the 12 inch crevice tool and the cobwebs were easily removed from the ceilings. The upholstery tool was a joy to use on the stairs. See photos below.

Shark duo

The dusting brush makes light work of the tops of the curtains

Shark Duo

The handheld part of the IF250 with the anti-allergen dusting brush glides over the settee

Shark Duo

Using the upholstery tool on the stairs is as efficient as using on chairs and sofas

Shark Dup Clean

Reaching the high places!

Now for the main vacuum.

 Shark Dou

The roller brushes are so well made and durable

Shark vac

Lightweight and efficient

Weighing in at 4kg an easy to manoeuvre and lightweight machine.

Two suction speeds adjusted with the touch of a thumb on the handle, extended runtime for everyday cleaning and max power for heavy duty cleaning. (Battery will run out quicker on max power).  For everyday use, a run time of 44 minutes per both batteries is average. There are also two floor settings switches, one for carpets and one for hard floors or vinyl. On the carpets, this vacuum glides so smoothly and it is almost as if you are trying to catch up with it! A very powerful suction and yet not noisy at all. The vinyl floors were quick and easy to get round too.

Shark cordless

Isn't this great!

This vacuum isn't called flexicology for nothing. A switch on the wand enables the vacuum to work effortlessly under tables and units without having to bend down. A remarkable piece of engineering and innovation.

Shark Duo

Tidy and compact

 When you have finished vacuuming, the IF250 can be stored compactly at the touch of a switch on the wand. 

At £449.99, this is by far the most expensive cordless vacuum I have come across. The saying 'you get what you pay for' is certainly true here!  A 5 year guarantee comes as standard and Shark have once again proved they are a serious contender for a major award in this field.

Shark UK have given our members 15% discount off any Shark order costing £195 or over. Simply enter code oapschat15 – on website when placing your order. Many thanks for this great discount!

This model can also be purchased from Amazon. Please click on image below.

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