Leaf Blower

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I have been sent the new GTech Leaf Blower to evaluate and I am raring to go and try this latest cordless garden power tool.

Leaf Blower

Ready to assemble

Whether you have a small, medium size or large garden, this Leaf Blower will be a great asset once the leaves start to fall in the autumn season which is now upon us.

Leaf Blower

Charged and ready to go!

Let's begin! First impressions?

The Leaf Blower is easy to put together, all that is needed is to attach the nozzle and the battery once it has been fully charged for around 5 hours. Weighing 4.3kg, this is perfect to hold and operate. As the website states:-

'The 36V Lithium-ion Gtech Leaf Blower has the ability to clear all types of debris from your lawn, patio and driveway. The Leaf Blower uses a turbo fan design that allows for a straight air passage from intake to outlet offering maximum airflow and efficiency.'

I have never owned anything like this before, so I was raring to go!

The powerful 36V Lithium-ion battery will enable the Leaf Blower to operate for twenty minutes on full power. I no longer have a lawn at the front of my house. The leaves are very difficult to remove from the chippings and time consuming when using a rake. But as the lead photo shows, leaves are easily blown towards the edge of the chippings.

Leaf Blower

Leaves collect easily into a pile

Leaf Blower

Clearing the leaves from front door step

When the trigger is squeezed, the fan spins 11,500 times per minute and this is powerful enough to remove stubborn leaves and other items from awkward corners of the garden. No bending down is required which is a huge benefit to those with bad backs or arthritis sufferers.

As the Leaf Blower points towards the ground there is no straining of your wrists and so is a delight to use!

Leaf Blower

Derek impressed too!

As the trigger is of variable speed, there is complete control. When fully pressed, the Leaf Blower is certainly powerful and so you need to be careful you don't end up blasting your chippings into a pile as well as all the leaves! I have to confess I did get a little carried away once or twice and scattered the leaves far and wide! However they were soon brought back into a neat pile.

Leaf Blower

Patience is the word when using the trigger!

Maybe you help out at your local park? If so the GTech Leaf Blower would be a great help in clearing leaves from football pitches, seating areas etc. No more slipping on wet leaves and other debris!

The Leaf Blower retails at £285.99 which includes a battery and charger. If you already own the GTech lawnmower, there is no need to purchase the battery and charger as these items will work with the Leaf Blower. The cost then reduces to £129.99.  Free delivery and a two year guarantee are included. If you are not happy after using the leafblower, a 30 day guarantee ensures you can have a full refund.

I am very impressed and once again GTech have come up trumps!

More details and a short video are available to view on the website.  http://www.gtech.co.uk/garden-tools/leaf-blower.html

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