Snowdrops Christina 

When we moved into Tottering Towers, we waited a year before doing anything to the garden apart from growing vegetables. Our first Christmas in the country was lovely.

Power Cut C Hollis

Snow Scene (Copyright Martyn Stanley)

In our twenties, OH and I dreamed of moving to the middle of nowhere and living The Good Life.

Console Table Steve

If you are looking to buy a Console table or a Coffee table, these have both been made to a very high standard by an expert craftsman.

 Moving house

I’ve just moved house. I haven’t moved often in my life. I know some people are regular movers and really good at it. I’ve decided I’m not good at it.

Scarborough Carolyn S

In October 2016, I was served with notice to leave the place I was renting in Newmarket. The get out or else day, December 31st. I didn’t laugh. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise but it still shocked me. I had no idea what to do.