Wendy Hop Kiln

An awful lot of my posts seem to be about beer but as I’m married to a CAMRA member maybe that’s no surprise.

Gtech Lawnmower

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I have never been excited about trying out a new lawn mower before, but after using the GTech Falcon cordless, I am very impressed!

Wendy House

Sometimes you know it’s time to move on, no matter how big the wrench. We’ve been considering a move from Herefordshire for some time so last week put the house on the market.

Cuckoo Christina Hollis

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We’ve finally given in to pester power, and got a puppy. Our sixteen-year old son Jeffrey researched breeds and breeders, saved up the eye-watering cost himself and, after a long wait, Alex the labrador/retriever arrived two weeks ago.

GTech Ram

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It is time to replace my vacuum. After fifteen years of picking up dust. pet hairs, food, etc etc, my trusty machine is ready to retire. So many models of all shapes and sizes to choose from. Where does one start?