Trevor Belshaw

While the cat's away, the mice will do all the work. She only went on Friday evening and I'm knackered already.

Time to declutter my clothes, I must do it, but can I really throw away my Jeff Banks jacket from 1970? Yes, you read that correctly, 1970. And it still fits!! But I will probably never wear it again. Is it time for eBay maybe? Then there are my Levi's from the same year. They don't fit. And goodness, a Laura Ashley full length dress. Too scared to try that on! I distinctly remember buying the dress from one of the first Laura Ashley shops that opened in Oxford in 1972.

Georgia Hill

The weather has just begun to warm up, the daffodils and forsythia have just about flowered (although they seem very late this year) and I have just begun a spring clear out. This is a prelude to the spring clean. And for which, there is a reason.

Janet G

Whenever I speak, my accent betrays me. I am an Aussie, and despite more than 15 years living in the UK, I still speak like an Aussie.


Me? Get scammed? Behave yourself! A cynical old ex-journalist who knows all about due diligence? Who's done hard selling and studied the psychology of selling? Never!