natural gardening

I am talking about my garden. There are so many different types of garden and mine definitely doesn't have anything in rows. Not that I have anything against regimented gardens but I like mine to look wild. Not completely of course; I do like an area of green lawn, not necessarily grass though in my case.

Leiden In The Netherlands

I've been asked to write a post about being an ex-pat, but where to begin is the dilemma because there are so many areas to talk about, but for this post I will do a broad brush, but would be more than happy to cover other areas in the future - if you'll have me back!

Florists, one of the success stories on the High Street or online. Flowers are so well received for all occasions. Happy or sad, they brighten up ones day and can ease the pain or make one jump for joy. Flowers are so good for mental and physical well being, don't you think?