Speaker pillow

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Whether you prefer to switch off with an audio book or listening to soothing classical music, this clever pillow has an invisible built-in speaker that you can use in the comfort of your own bed.

 Sleepy Pillow

Easily plugs into ipad/ipod/mp3 player

I have been sent this pillow to evaluate and as a poor sleeper, I can confirm that listening to a relaxing track on my MP3 player 'through the pillow' is certainly different!

Whilst I have not achieved improved sleep yet, it is certainly a great way to try and unwind. I am sure it would also be a good idea for relaxation techniques such as in pregnancy and anxiety states. 

This unique product requires absolutely no headphones and you control the sound, meaning your partner can sleep in peace while you enjoy your own personal soundtrack. Would make a unique Christmas present!

RRP  £19.99
NOW £14.99
Available from SleepyPeople.com 

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