Cosyfeet Frieda

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As the demand for all-wool footwear grows, Cosyfeet have embraced the trend by launching a range of pure wool slippers that are specially designed to fit swollen feet.

 Cosyfeet Frieda

Called Frieda for women and Bjorn for men, they’re made on a foot-shaped last from 100% pure wool so they’re exceptionally warm and comfy.

Thanks to their unique construction, they’re virtually seam-free so they’re an ideal choice for people with diabetes or very sensitive feet. They’re also helpful for toe problems including hammer toes, bunions, corns and calluses, claw and mallet toes and athlete's foot.

Designed to provide excellent support, they also have a secure touch-fastening strap which can be adjusted to fit a variety of swelling. The wool-covered footbed can be removed for additional depth or to allow for insertion of your own orthotics for a truly bespoke feel.

Cosyfeet Frieda

Why wear wool slippers?

Typically, footwear is made from natural materials such as leather or synthetic materials such as rubber or plastic. Unlike other natural materials, wool can absorb moisture and is breathable, making it perfect for use in footwear.

  • Wool is a wonderful fibre with some amazing benefits:
  • Feels soft and comfortable next to the skin
  • Helps feet stay warm in winter and cool in summer due to its natural climate control
  • Feet stay healthy and dry as wool is breathable and wicks moisture away from the skin
  • Forms to your feet for a comfy fit thanks to the natural elasticity which allows the fabric to gently stretch
  • Ideal for sensitive skin as it’s hypoallergenic
  • Feet stay fresh as it’s odour-resistant and resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew
  • Hardwearing as wool is naturally durable
  • Naturally renewable resource as each year sheep produce a fleece

Wool is self-cleaning. However, if periodic cleaning is required, Cosyfeet’s Purewool™ slippers can be washed on a ‘wool delicates’ setting at 30°.

Cosyfeet Frieda

Enjoy colourful comfort this winter

Cosyfeet’s Purewool™ slippers are available in a variety of colours. Frieda for women is available in Aubergine, Charcoal, French Navy, Red and Light Grey in sizes 4 – 9. It’s priced at £70.00 or £58.33 if you qualify for VAT relief due to a chronic medical condition which causes swollen feet. Bjorn for men is available in Charcoal, French Navy and Storm Blue in sizes 7 -12. It’s priced at £80 or £66.67 if you qualify for VAT relief.

Both Frieda and Bjorn meet all the criteria set out by the Healthy Footwear Guide. This is a collaboration between UK footwear brands and foot health professionals which highlights the importance of wearing healthy, comfortable footwear.

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