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Heating is so expensive these days whichever method you choose to buy to heat your home. If you have central heating but don't want to have the radiators on in all the rooms, why not invest in a low wattage slim line panel heater?

Call Blocker

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If like me, you experience endless unwanted calls during the day and evening, maybe it is time to invest in a Call Blocker Shield from CPR Callblocker.

Sennheisernew Headphones

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I have been sent the fabulous Sennheiser Set 880 to evaluate and would like to share my findings with you.

Ceramic Fan Heater

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I have owned many fan heaters over the years. Most have been standard on/off cool/hot switches and nothing really special to look at. I have been sent The Desk Friend from Dimplex to evaluate and this model is stylish, modern and compact. 

Cyndy and Jan So Sensational

Cyndy right and me on the left

“I’m going to a black-tie event, where can I get a gorgeous gown?” “I’m going to Royal Ascot, where can I get an amazing outfit?” “My daughter/son is getting married, where can I get a fabulous frock?”