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Studies have long concluded that flowers have an immediate positive impact on mood, well-being, and the psychological health of people. Having flowers is most rewarding if you enjoy gardening and growing your own flowers and plants.


We’d like to say a big thank you to Janice for inviting Brillioso Beads to introduce ourselves to you.

Hotter Shoes Employees

I expect many of you will have heard of Hotter shoes. Last week, I was invited to talk to Jan Payton, the manager of my local branch in Hereford. After trading for just over a year here,the shop goes from strength to strength.

helpful staff at independent pharmacy in Hereford

Where I live in Hereford, it is good to see some new independent shops and restaurants opening that are not part of a national chain. Let's hope that they can be supported by the public and are able to thrive in today's harsh economic climate.

Premier Store Employees

Good morning Jan, I see you work for the Premier chain. Winners 2013 UK CTP Best Promotional & Best Value Convenience Retailer. Best Store Staff & Customer Service Retailer. All those titles add up to quite an achievement! Well done to Premier!