Cosyfeet Eve

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If you suffer with swollen feet, finding footwear for a summer wedding or party can seem like ‘mission impossible’. Luckily, Cosyfeet offer a gorgeous lightweight sling-back that lets you look great without your feet having to pay the price.


Pact coffee

Coffee, lots of different types of coffee, all strengths, all flavours, some instant, some ground, some good, some awful. So, I saw the website they have very kindly sent me a pack to try!

Tony Laithwaite

I am delighted to welcome Tony Laithwaite of Laithwaites Wines to answer some questions for Oapschat.


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We're always being told how good it is for us to exercise, and how a daily walk can keep us trim and healthy, but what if we can't find comfy shoes to fit due to extra wide or swollen feet? This spring, Cosyfeet are launching a pretty, sporty shoe for ladies with extra wide feet. Called the Belle, this supportive shoe is made with soft, premium leathers.