Bunches flowers

We all love to receive flowers at any time of the year, and following on from my article last year, I am once again thinking about the bouquets I am going to send to a few special people this Christmas.

Adrienne Laverick

I was so frustrated yesterday, trolling around and around a well known department store looking for a decent pair of warmer 'winter' trousers.When you are on limited time, and you have to visit so many different places in the store to look before you can even decide which to try on, it becomes a chore rather than a pleasure doesn't it.


Womans weekly boot

I recently saw a fashion article in Woman's Weekly about winter boots to fit problem feet. I was especially interested in some boots with an Elastane 'front', which stretch to fit. They're a well thought-through problem solver and they look great too.

Gift cards can be really popular to receive. The recipient can buy whatever suits him or her from the stores associated with the gift card scheme or on line where the list is endless. You don't have to end up receiving some awful cd you know will never be listened to or a scarf that will never be worn.Instead, you choose what you want when you want to!

Jennifer Bohnet

Of all the things I expected to experience on a visit to Monaco, going to a jumble sale was definitely not on the list.