Dear Mum,

We miss you today as we do every day. The fourth Mothers Day without you. Thank you for being the best mum in the world. Love Margaret and Jan xx

Is this for real 

...or is this just fantasy?


I have been a great fan of Ralph Mctell since the late 60's and have interviwed him for my website. John Beresford has allowed me to share his description* below with regards to the new version of Streets of London.



Some more 'facts' that are circulating around the internet, source unknown. Thirty five of them in all. I do not know if they are 'facts' or not! 

Going Nuts C H 

Where has the time gone? I’ve been working so hard on Struggle and Suffrage: Women’s Lives In Bristol 1850-1950, my non-fiction book for Pen and Sword Books, that I missed out on a conventional summer holiday.