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The National Federation of Shopmobility has launched a New website.

 Shop Mobility

The National Mobility Registration Scheme has grown out of the need for consumers and the Police to be able to reunite stolen or abandoned mobility vehicles with their owners. Originally piloted by Littlehampton Shopmobility scheme working closely with Sussex Police, it soon became clear that a National Scheme was needed.

The National Federation of Shopmobility has been working on the website and scheme for the last two years and launched the new registration website on March 28th at Naidex.
Steve Perry (Marketing and Communications Manager) said; “We were amazed by the police statistics for 2015, that out of 517 mobility scooters stolen (with an estimated value of £615,000) only 22% were ever recovered. We understand the devastation the theft of a mobility vehicle can have on its owner with the loss of independence. We saw the scheme as way of helping to increase the numbers of vehicles returned to their owners working closely with the police nationally”

The cost of registration is £12.00 per annum, which is not a large price to pay to help track your stolen vehicle. Proceeds from the registration will be donated to National Federation of Shopmobility members nationwide. Shopmobility aids those with mobility impairments either permeant or temporary by hiring scooters and wheelchairs to them.

The National Federation of Shopmobility is located in Wellingborough and we have members across the UK, Ireland and the Channel Isles.

If you require any further information please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01933 229644 or for more information visit the New - National Mobility Registration scheme website at:

Written by NMRS.

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