Autumn Yvonne

Has anyone else noticed that Autumn is creeping up on us very early this year?

I know we have had some warn, even hot days but the trees are changing colour and there are more tractors on the country roads as the farmers take advantage of an early harvest.Folk have even been out picking blackberries, in fact we spent a few days down in my home county of Hampshire and visited one of my favourite haunts, Old Winchester Hill.

It was a lovely day and I really just wanted to go to see again the lovely views over the Bronze Age fort. Much to my surprise, people were gathering berries by the bucketful and to my joy, the blackthorn bushes were loaded with sloe berries. When I lived down there, it was always our Christmas Day treat to drink the sloe wine we had made ourselves.
So, we picked sloes and blackberries and I knew I would be busy when we arrived back home.

The gin is gradually turning a beautiful ruby colour, there are blackberry and apple pies in the freezer but there was just one more thing I really wanted to do.

Whilst in a local pub restaurant, we had a meal of pork and were puzzled by the smallish but delicious round things that accompanied it. On enquiringly what they were, we were told they were pickled crab apples, well that got me going again, I just has to give it a try but had no idea where to get the crabapples. Then I had a brainwave and put a message on Freecycle and immediately got a reply. A whole tree of apples just going to waste and friendly owner giving them gladly.

We picked more than was needed for the pickles but I still had blackberries so my cupboard is now full of bramble jelly and I am feeling very pleased with myself.......anyone for homemade scones with my bramble jelly and cream? Yum yum !

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