Dear Mum,

We miss you today as we do every day. The fourth Mothers Day without you. Thank you for being the best mum in the world. Love Margaret and Jan xx

I am sure you are looking down on Margaret and I today and reminding us that we too, are lovely mums. We have four children between us. We have brought our children up as you brought us up. To be kind, truthful, loyal and caring. They have all turned out this way. One now has a super little boy who has all of these qualities.

Margaret and I have learnt so much from you, for example, how to cook, how to sew, ( I failed miserably at that, but Margaret is an excellent needleworker!) how to hang clothes on the line PROPERLY! And NEVER go out with wet hair!! I could go on!


Mum 2013

You were there for us when we had our own children. Endless babysitting, teaching us numerous parenting skills. Nothing was too much trouble. You knew so much considering you lost your own lovely mum when you were only six years old.

How did you manage to be such a brilliant mum when you had no training yourself?   


Mum flowers

Crocus, one of your favourite flowers

Treasure and love your mum as we did ours.

Happy Mothers Day.

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