Su B research herbs

There was an article in the Spectator last week. Professor Ernst argues that to use herbs safely and effectively, you should only buy over the counter products that contain a single herb or herb extract, which has been subjected to rigorous scientific research.


This is a plea for EVERYONE to look out for Max who has been missing since Christmas Day. He could be anywhere now, but we have to hope he is still alive and can be reunited with his owners. 

Phil P

I wonder what our parents and grandparents would have said about the dangers we seem to be facing today, exemplified by the recent Paris terrorism? After all, their generation lived through wartime periods of clear and present danger to their lives, whether they were serving in combat, or enduring the Blitz.

 Kishboo xmas

You know Christmas is just around the corner when:

Nepal Jo Carroll

I came back from Nepal about a month ago. I have friends there, but had had mixed feelings about going. I needed to know that they were safe and well after the earthquake. But it also troubles me when visitors see disasters as some sort of tourist attraction.