HMS Argyll F231 Heck Valletta

By Masturbius (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

A few weeks ago an invitation dropped through our letter box inviting us to a reception on board HMS Argyll. It has been a some years since we were last on a ship. Edward was a career Naval Officer for many years, so it was going back to the past.

Sue Mothers Day

Next Sunday is Mothers Day. There are some super prints here, why not buy one or two Sue Rosser prints as gifts?

You Tube imagae

On Saturday February 14th Helen Vereker Singers performed in Sainsburys Hereford in aid of Herefordshire Carers Support. Here is a video, directed by Helen Vereker and filmed by Ken Joel, husband of our good friend and contributor Margaret Joel.

Kathy Rollinson Earth

I picked up a book bargain the other day, ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’, by Bill Bryson.

Kelly Love

As it is Valentine's Day, Kelly Florentia is sharing her latest blog on "Love".