Nitty Gritty

Little G and Small LOVE their nursery and frequently bring home stuff they've made (in Small's case, with help) or paintings they've done. Sometimes, they also bring home things that are slightly less welcome. Like nits.

Di Castle

As a Dyslexia Tutor and someone who has helped children and older schoolchildren with reading difficulties, I have found grandparents often want to help their grandchildren.

Binton Wheelwrights

My mother’s family, the Jordans, were the village wheelwrights in Binton for more than a hundred years. The last of the line was her father, Edward John Jordan (1876-1948), known as Ted or Teddy.

Little G

So that was Christmas. Little G got the bicycle she desperately wanted, and has spent a lot of time riding round the small grassy island outside the local cathedral. A few falls have also occurred, but give her her due, she has got up and got straight back on.

Christmas 1957

You know e-mails and the internet is great; just the thought that another person has taken time to commit their feelings to type; makes you think “Wow”