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Di Castle

As a Dyslexia Tutor and someone who has helped children and older schoolchildren with reading difficulties, I have found grandparents often want to help their grandchildren.

Here are some fun tips to make reading fun.

Spot the pattern. Choose a pattern which the child has learnt such as ‘ee’ and let the child highlight words in a comic, newspaper or an old book.

Read all packets and instructions on food packets together.

Take it in turns to think of as many rhyming words as possible. One player says a word and the other player has to say as many rhyming words as possible. The one who can say the most is the winner. The rhymes should look the same as well.

Suggested rhymes

care, fare, bare, dare, stare, mare, share, Clare,

shed, shred, bed, bred, led,

pan, van, fan, than, Dan, can, tan, Jan, man, Nan

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