Carol H Little G

When I was a year older than Little G is now, I apparently taught myself to read.

Little G

Every day, Little G's nursery gives You must be mad a written summary of what she has been up to during her day. This is my version.


Little G and You must be mad are just back from New York, where they have been visiting family for a week. I have asked her what she got up to, but all Little G will tell me is 'Dumbo', which was the movie she watched on the return plane journey.

L Plate Gran

Little G has a new hobby: drawing on walls. She started doing it while visiting New York and personally, I blame MOMA for giving her the idea.

Carol H Little G

There is a reason why it is called 'The Terrible Twos' - and it has absolutely nothing to do with clever alliteration. Child specialists and experts may drone on about 'infant separation' or the 'need for establishing the self'. The rest of us put it down to just plain cussedness!