Carol Hedges L Plate Gran

We are in the midst of a heatwave. Day after day of shiny sun and blue skies. Sadly, Little G and I belong to that worrying category: the elderly and the very young (in reverse order) and the government has issued guidelines for our health & safety.

Carol Hedges L plate Gran

They always say you can learn so much from being in the company of small children. To which I would add that most of what you learn is that you know very little.

Carol hedges lunch article

On the 2 days that You must be mad entrusts her into my rickety care, I am responsible for Little G's meals from breakfast to dinner. Sometimes I am left instructions as to what is available in the fridge. Sometimes I am left to my own devices.

Trace Your Roots

According to statistics, researching genealogy on a home computer is the third most popular activity after shopping and…erm… porn.
And what is it that people hope to learn? For some it is collecting countless names with no real purpose other than to add them to a database.

Carol H Grandma

When You must be mad was young, the nearest park involved a fifteen minute walk and crossing a very busy road with no traffic island.