Anne Harvey Elaine Chissick 

A complete change from my usual memoir-based blog today! I’ve invited my lovely writer friend Elaine Chissick to have a chat over wine and chocolate. Elaine are Facebook friends and, though we’ve never met, I feel we are kindred spirits.

 Rosy Good Friends

This is still true. Writers support for one another is immense!


 Friends Tina

I was thinking about friends recently, and how that word now means something a lot more relaxed than it used to.

 Linda M Temps Perdu

My husband, Roger - who also went to school in Totnes, at King Edward V1 - has known Marie-Claire as long as I have. I knew he wouldn’t want to drive in Rouen (if you’ve ever done it you’ll know what a total scary nightmare it is!) and he’d never flown on a commercial flight because he’s always had a fear of flying.