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Having friends in your life, is like having a lighthouse beaming light across the ocean on all aspects of your life. Friends are there in good times, sad times, special times. Always there to lend an ear when needed, and to laugh with. To dine with too, and share your secrets and aspirations. They'll help you choose a special dress for a special occasion, and make you feel so special.

Men have some wonderful friends too. To talk about cars with, and football! To have a pint with while putting the world to rights. I don't think male friendships are any different to female ones, other than we talk about different things. And men in general are not so demonstrative towards each other.

For my part, I always want to hug and kiss everyone!

I'm so very lucky to have many friends. Some longstanding, and some who I've known for a short time, but know instinctively that they will remain friends forever. One special friend I have, who I met when working at a Ford garage over 30 years ago. Although we don't see each other often, when we do catch up, it's as if we left each other only yesterday. I think she knows more about me than I know about myself.

She knows my innermost secrets, and understands me. What a wonderful thing that is, that someone actually understands you! She knows for sure that I don't live in the real world! And I guess other friends have realised this!

By the same token, I am always there for my friends too. I'm a good listener, and having experienced so many ups and downs in life, I understand. Without friends, that beacon of light would go out in my life, and a darkness would descend. For without friends to talk and laugh with, life would be so dull and uninteresting.

So a big thank you to everyone of my friends. I love you all. Here's to friendship ....And ones which will last forever.

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