My first glimpse of Manhattan

Standing at the rails of RMS Sylvania in the pink and grey dawn of Sunday, 8th October 1962, I was choked with emotion as I caught sight of the Manhattan skyline.

Helen Teaching 

Half way through secondary school I started to come out of the other side of puberty, stand on my own two feet and develop the confidence necessary to take my place in adult society.

 Telephone article

Like me, I expect many OAPSchat readers can remember the problems using the old red public telephone boxes.

Education Helen Hatton

1968 was a big year in my life. I sat the 11 Plus. And failed. I can still see the bitter disappointment etched onto my mother’s face as she opened the letter.

 Education Helen Hatton

I was barely four when I discovered what blasphemy was; how cruel adults could be and that sharp slaps stung like nettle rash.