Di Castle first job

So the question was what was the first job we had. Probably the first unpaid job I had was weeding and stoning our garden for my Dad but if we are talking paid work then my first job was a big surprise. I wasn’t looking for it, nor was I interviewed.

Maggie Choc

I am delighted to be the winner of Eric Lennick's book, A Life Worth Living! Here is a story of one of my first childhood memories. It is of our two little kittens, Jonathan and Josephine.

Tina B Second Time Round

I married Paul in September 1999 when I was thirty-six years old, and although this was my second marriage, it felt more real than my first, and this time, I really wanted to get married.

Sandy W firework

It is a clear cold November 5th sometime in the late 1950’s. I stood with my father and mother watching with, frosty clouds of bated breath, my elder brother Willie von Braun proudly preparing his rocket for take-off.

Tina Burton Marriage

When I got married for the second time in 1999, we chose the lovely Art Deco hotel on Burgh Island, across from Bigbury-on-Sea in Devon, as the place where we wanted to exchange our vows.