every cloud has a silver lining

Caroline Saunders liked to dabble in palmistry. When she had a few drinks she could be persuaded to do this party trick. She preferred to read palms of people she didn't know, or at least those she didn't know very well, so she couldn't be accused of, 'ah, well you knew that about me anyway.'

Feline Friend

'He's very quiet...' I mouthed the words to my husband, having checked that our latest house-guest was comfortable in the back of the car. On the journey home, I mused on his Oriental handsomeness...

I recently came across a box full of old letters. They were passed to me a couple of years ago but, at the time, I didn't read them as I knew it would be such a mammoth task. But rediscovering them, I became transfixed.

Llanbedr The Martyr Of The Storm

THE journey which Rosa Blanche Williams made on her pony to Hay Market once a week would take her across some unforgiving territory. From Pant Farm at Rhulen the ten miles were a switchback route over Llanbedr Hill and down to Painscastle, back up and over The Begwns to Clyro and across the River Wye at Hay Bridge.

historic buttons

As shown by Jan's post on Facebook, buttons and button tins evoke lots of memories for many people. As in this case, the memories of childhoods spent rummaging in grandmother's or mother's old button tins. Even though I had no memories of the buttons I found in my grandma's tin I still enjoyed looking at them and sorting them and spent many a wet afternoon doing just that.