Cheltenham Jazz

Early this year John Beckingham was asked by Cheltenham Civil Service Club if he would run a Jazz Club there. John had done so in the past and knew what a good venue it was.

 Cheltenham Jazz John Beckingham

John Beckingham

All the boys ( and I use the term lightly) agreed and after discussion decided that there should be different bands for each session. It was also thought that once a month would be just about right.

Cheltenham Jazz

JB's Jazz Band

We did expect a slow start, after all word has to get around but it was a lovely place with adequate parking, comfortable seating, good accoustics and even food from across the bar. Yes, it was slow to begin with but did pick up somewhat after a time but not as much as we had hoped for.


Guest guitarist

We had a meeting to try and work out what we were doing wrong, the people who had been coming quite regularly all said they were enjoying the music but there were people who didn't really like coming out on a Sunday evening. So we changed the time to lunchtime on Sunday and that did seem to suit our audience.They were a friendly lot, including people who came by themselves were at ease and making friends whilst enjoying the show.

Although we knew we were not going to make a fortune we did insist on having professional musicians, some of the very best in the Midland so we only charge a fiver and with the proceeds from the raffle, just about managed to cover the costs.

We discovered that there is a lively music scene in Cheltenham but most of it is fairly modern music and quite often played by non professionals so there is no charge. Great if there are no overheads but if you want the quality we were looking for then we had to pay for it.

Cheltenham Jazz

Guest guitarist

The club is doing quite nicely now but we would like to see our audience expand. There must be many folk out there who would love to hear the music of their youth, stuff from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Stuff to get the feet tapping, familiar, swinging and fun. The sort of stuff you don't hear on the radio or TV but that brings back memories.

We know some folk are a bit nervous of coming somewhere new, maybe they are alone but would appreciate friendly company. We have a few people like this who are enjoying not just the music but the company of likeminded people who are friendly and welcoming.

Cheltenham Jazz

A young French band

So, we are making a special offer. The first time you visit us, mention OAPSchat, your admission will be free.This is a one off but with no time limit, if you can't make the next session, the offer remains.

Time...last Sunday in the month, doors open at 12 noon, music starts at 12:30

Place Civil Service Club,Tewkesbury Road,Cheltenham,GL51 9SL

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