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Rosy Wedding Day 1989 in Exmouth

It was our special Anniversary on September 1st. And as I am 68, and my husband Mick 64, we decided to have a big party, and have our marriage blessed on the same weekend.

It took a lot of planning, and we invited friends and family from far and near. We sent invitations out 6 months before, so that everyone travelling from away had time to book B/B, and hotels. 

We also decided to make our party a themed one, and asked guests to dress in 60s style clothes, optional!

 Sixties dressing up

Friends and Family at party

Since we got married in 1989, we had found 2 of Mick's brothers, and a sister of mine. So it was special to us both to have them there with us as well. Our party was at The Royal Beacon Hotel in Exmouth, on the Saturday evening of the 30th August. Friends and family had travelled from places such as Derby, Leicester, Birmingham, Berkshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Plymouth and Torbay. It was amazing.We had the wonderful group Carnaby Street to play our 60s music for us, and the Hotel did the catering.

 Carnaby group

Del, the singer of Carnaby Street

The evening arrived, Mick had dressed as a flower, power person, and I had a black polka dot dress with fuschia pink neck scarf, shoes and jewellery. The guests started arriving, and my first shock was to see 'Elvis' walk into the foyer! It was our nephew Jay, who knew how much I loved Elvis. He had dressed in Army uniform, and stitched Presley and US Army badges on his jacket. What a wonderful surprise that was, and to dance with him to 'All Shook Up' was quite surreal!

Half of our 90 guests dressed in 60s style clothes, and they looked fabulous. Our niece Lynne, and her daughters Laura and Emalie, had dressed in the swing style, and looked stunning. Their dresses swirling as they danced on the floor.

Five lovely females

Five beautiful young ladies ready to rock!

I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful party, Mick and I had. Andthe lovely thing was, everyone enjoyed it too. I didn't recognise our son-in-law Lindsey at the bar!! Everyone helped to make it a memorable evening for us.

 Friends, Chris and Joan

Friends Chris and Joan

We stopped at the hotel, as 2 of our grandchildren with their partners slept in our bungalow. When we arrived home on the Sunday morning, it was chaos here. Four young people in their pjs! Flowers and cards everywhere, and then more people arrived to join us at the Salem Chapel. But it is a wonderful memory too.

Our friends Kathy & Maureen had decorated the Chapel beautifully for us, and there were 55 guests to witness us renewing our vows.

Marriage blessing


As we walked from the Chapel, friends even threw confetti over us.

Church blessing

Outside the church after the Blessing

What a wonderful day. We went to the Rolle Arms for a meal, and Mick presented me with 2 beautiful rings, engraved with our names and the date.

No-one could have wished for a more wonderful, memorable, happy Anniversary weekend.We have some beautiful and caring family and friends. And we would like to thank everyone of them for making our weekend so special.

I would like to thank our granddaughter Anne-Marie & fiancé Daryl for taking photos at the Chapel!!!  Not forgetting the wonderful group Carnaby Street.Also, our niece Danielle for taking photos, our friend Kaz for taking photos and filming our Blessing. Our lovely Vicar Geoff Flather, and grand-daughter Sharon for taking photos, and for the poem. And last but not least, our friend Jill Govier for playing the organ, and our friend John Coleman for singing the beautiful songs 'Some Enchanted Evening', 'The Rose' and 'I'll Walk Beside You'.

We just cannot believe it was so special for us and everyone! THANKYOU xxxxxx

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