Pauline Jazz 

Janice said she would like to hear more from me so you can blame her for this! I was widowed almost 5 years ago after a long and very happy marriage. I felt lost and bereft and felt my life was over.

After the initial grief I gave myself a good shake and determined to do something for me. I did some voluntary work in a charity shop which helped to a degree but I was still lonely and miserable.

One day whilst messing about on my laptop, I found a bereavement site and read some of the messages. I soon realised I was not alone in my feelings and eventually replied to one gentleman who touched something in me.

He was more recently widowed than me but I felt some of my words may be of some comfort to him. He replied and so it all began

We progressed eventually to telephone calls and we both felt we were supporting each other, we became close friends, able to chat openly about our feelings and thoughts. Eventually we met although he lived quite a long way from my home.

Yvonne Jazz

Phil and his beloved guitar

We gradually got to know each other well and I was amazed to find out that he was a jazz musician. I had always loved the music and some how it bound us tighter together.

It must have taken about eighteen months to a year before we found our friendship had grown into love and two and a half years ago we were married.

Yvonne Jazz

Our wedding day June 2013

I was thrust into a life different from anything I had ever known, meeting new people in a new place ( I had hardly ever left the county of my birth ) and living an entirely different sort of life. Lots of evenings spent in clubs and pubs where he was playing, irregular meal times as he could be travelling from one end of the country to the other and not returning home until the early hours, staying in bed half the morning to catch up with sleep, telephone calls asking if he was available for this gig or that, musicians turning up at our home for an impromptu rehearsal..........and I loved every minute of it.

A good example is the last few days, my 89 year old brother in law was coming to stay for a short holiday with us

My sister died a couple of years ago and we like to see him from time to time to give him a break. My lovely husband went to fetch him and bring him here ( only a three and a half hour journey each way )

We decided to hold a BBQ whilst he was here so that he could meet some of our friends, my daughter then phoned to say she was coming to see us and would stay a few nights, great, it would be fun. One of our musician friends asked if he could stay the night as he had a gig and it would be on his way there.

Things seemed to be getting hectic but on the day, the sun shone, the caterer turned out trumps and we all had a lovely time

Then the gigs started again, he left home yesterday at about 11 am and got home about 11:45pm, not as late as usual.

Yvonne Jazz

 JB Jazz and Blues Band playing in Spain entertaining Saga guests

Today he was taking my brother in law home as he lives in Cornwall which fitted in well with the gig he has in Bude this evening. Goodness knows what time he will get home tomorrow morning. And so it goes on, the phone has been ringing again so I have been in secretary mode whilst trying to enjoy a quiet Sunday afternoon.

Incidentally, he is younger than me, so I have got myself a toy boy who is handsome, tall, talented and very comfortably off, a wonderful lifestyle where I am cared for and spoiled.
Don’t think I've done too badly for a 70+ plump but cuddly old girl, do you ?

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