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 Amanda 8 things

My son recently wrote about the ten things he had learnt since he started in work in marketing and it got me thinking!

If you want to read about Ben’s 10 things, head over to his blog. I’ve been retired 8 years and am too impatient to wait another two years before I write about what I’ve learnt since I left the corporate world - so here goes!

1. Keep Contributing

Since retiring from my ‘proper’ job, I’ve had a variety of paid and unpaid jobs from care work through to trusteeship of a mental health charity, to marketing a wedding venue and blogging for a selection of websites. Devising treasure hunts for Treasure Trails, hen parties and birthday parties, and bespoke Trails for country houses and caravan parks keeps me busy and added to that being an AirBnB host means I am still earning enough to be a tax payer!

2. How to Handle Pressure

I don’t handle pressure as well as I used to and I am not really sure why. Suffice to say, I know that it is easy to get stressed but also easy to reduce that stress as most of the time I am in control of how I spend my time!

3. Physical Health is key

As I’ve got older my body has deteriorated - not that unusual of course - but somehow I’ve got more time to think about it. In my third phase of life the NHS are interested in my welfare too. On hitting the big 60 one of the first letters I got was an invitation to be tested for bowel cancer! This morning I got another invitation - this time for a free health check at my local surgery which will apparently help me prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease. I’m doing my best with regular swimming or aquafit and plenty of walking and I did join a choir last year in an attempt to get some aerobic exercise and increase my lung capacity! I am lucky that I now have time to put my energy into staying healthy.

4. Mental Health is vital

There is so much in the media about dementia with dire warnings that this or that is an early indicator of the dreaded disease. It is impossible to ignore and so I justify playing bridge two or three times a week ‘as it keeps my brain going’ with all that counting and memorising! Might be easier to chuck some turmeric on my food every meal - a wonder spice that apparently helps to stave off some forms dementia.

5. Guard against letting my world get smaller

If I wasn’t careful, it would be very easy to say I can no longer drive any distance, or travel by myself on the train to London or join new groups or push myself out of my comfort zone. I’ve learnt that I need to make sure that I do new things, meet new people and go to new places - it keeps me interested and interesting! And this year I am starting a new voluntary job which is completely different to anything I’ve done before.

6. Embrace the technology

I love technology and am proud that so far I’ve mostly kept up with my understanding of the new technologies that affect our everyday lives - a regular twitter and Facebook user, I also use instagram and whatsapp most days along with owning a smart phone, fancy laptop, tablet etc., and recently installed in our kitchen is Alexa! Evernote is so ingrained in my everyday life I wonder how I ever managed BE (before Evernote) - it helps me remember everything.

7. Sustain friendships

Since retiring 8 years ago, I’ve seen lots of old friends and school friends for weekends and lunches which is always such a pleasure. Our shared history is very special as is meeting their adult children. My closest friend and I speak in one form or another most days - our communication method of choice tends to be the phone or whatsapp and we try and see each other around once a month - an impossible task when we were both working flat out.

8. Have fun

Ben finishes his list with have fun and I think he is right - life is way too short not to have fun.

Happy New Year!

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