Phone Blog 80

So, the thing is I have had my trusty Nokia phone for six years. It has been a great phone and still is. But it is not a smart phone so therefore when I am out or not online, I cannot access my emails or social media pages.

Does this matter? I don’t think so. It means I cannot be contacted every minute of the day. Now I run my online business from home, I am sat at my desk for many hours and my computer goes ‘ping’ every time an email or FB post comes in.

My friends are amazed when I tell them I don’t own a smart phone. ‘‘You aren’t on 3G?” one said to me the other day. Um “no.” I am wondering what is 3G!  I have since found out there is now 4G as well!

I can run a website, but don't understand phone terminology!! 

“How do you manage when you go out for the day?” was another question put to me only this morning.

I was asked in the pub last month, “Don’t you play games on your phone?” Some mention of Candy Crush - whatever that is!!

You see, I do not want a smart phone. I like my little Nokia. And horror of horrors I am only on PAYG. (Pay As You Go incase you are not familiar). I refuse to have a contract. I like to have my £10 per month on the Tesco network. This gives me triple credit for one month and I do not lose the original £10. Perfect.

After reading a report in The Daily Mail the other day, I hope this could not happen to me on PAYG as I would never have a large amount of credit on it. A contract phone is easier to scam. Also, I don’t always need to top up £10 per month.

Here is a link comparing PAYG v Contract v Sim only and I am also told that Carphone Warehouse and Curry's are two of the companies that are good to haggle with. This website states  'In May 2015 we asked people who tried to haggle at over 40 high street stores in the last year whether they were successful. At some shops, more than 50% said they'd managed to get a better deal, with Carphone Warehouse, Curry’s, B&Q and Homebase among the best places to bag a bargain.'


Look how cheap non smart phones are to buy now! Only £19.74 for this Nokia! 

Which phone company do you belong to and are you pleased with your costs?

Oh and by the way, if you need to contact me, you can always RING me for a CHAT instead of emailing. We may have a few laughs along the way and discuss other issues besides the one the email was sent for.

Let’s not lose the art of conversation!

Have a good week everyone and see you next Saturday!

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