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Photo reproduced with permission from Carol Gullick

The tickets were booked on March 28th. Would May 12th ever happen? Was I really going to see Ralph Mctell at The Royal Albert Hall?? Yes and yes!!


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Photo reproduced with permisson from Carol Gullick

After a sleepless night, the sandwiches were made, the overnight bags were packed, the tickets were in my possession closely guarded and Derek and I were ready to leave

The journey went smoothly, firstly a train to Birmingham New street. Now this is a new revamped 21st century state of the art station!! There is a good website about the development. http://www.newstreetnewstart.co.uk/about-the-development.aspx

Soon we were on a 125 Virgin train to Euston. Then the underground for half an hour and we arrived at Earls Court where we stayed at The Premier Inn.

Ralph blog

Photo reproduced with permission from Carol Gullick

We decided to walk to the Royal Albert Hall as it was a lovely evening and it was good to take some exercise. There are some fabulous town houses and mews in this area.

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Prince Albert Memorial

We had hoped to meet up with fellow Ralph Mctell friends, but unfortunately missed them amongst the crowds. So Derek decided we would have a treat and he took me to the Cloudy Bay bar and bought a rather special Pinot Noir wine.

£36 for two glasses!!!!!!!!!!

Ralph blog

Derek clutching two VERY expensive glasses of wine!

As we were sitting in a box, we were allowed to take our drinks into the auditorium. Wow, what a place!

 Ralph blog

Ralph appears on stage!

Just after 8pm, the master walked onto the stage and was met with rapturous applause. Ralph began to sing the first of the top twenty songs that had been chosen by his loyal fans.

My thanks to Domenico Mosca for allowing me to share three videos taken on the evening with you all. Domenico has a great website with lots of information about Ralph.

Nana's Song

The Ferryman

Streets of London 

Ten songs took up the first half, then ten more in the second half. Plus we were rewarded with two more for an encore. If I had to pick three favourites, that would be very difficult as I enjoy all Ralph's songs. Barges, You Well Meaning Brought Me Here and First Song brought back happy memories of my teenage years. The whole concert was sheer joy and it was a wonderful evening which will stay with me for a very long time. For those of you who were unable to make the evening, here is the Top Twenty in the order Ralph sang them, number 20 being the most requested.

1. Maginot Waltz 2. Nanna's Song 3. Nettle Wine on his RM50 4. Michael in the Garden 5. Tequila Sunrise 6. Barges 7 First and Last Man 8. First Song 9. In the Dreamtime 10. Growing Old with Naomi. 11. Zimmerman Blues 12. The Ferryman. 13. Mr Connaughton 14. Let Me Down Easy 15. You Well Meaning Brought Me Here 16. The Girl From The Hiring Fair 17. Streets of London 18. Summer Lightning 19. Around the Wild Cape Horn 20. From Clare to Here.

It was a shame that we were not able to meet up with more 'Ralph' friends, but due to the sheer number of people, it did not happen. We were delighted to see Lesley and John Bunce at breakfast the following morning and had a good chat. Lesley and I were still buzzing!!

If you would like to read my 4 part interview with Ralph, please see here. Part 1 leads into Part 2 etc. 

There is also a write up I did when I saw Ralph in Tewkesbury on May 17th 2015. Please see here. It is pure coincidence that this article is being published exactly one year later to the day!

Our good friend John Beresford wrote this article about Ralph's 70th Birthday concert. Look out for a new article from John on the website tomorrow.

As a bonus, Derek and I made a short video of our trip. It is just over five minutes long and mainly consists of me being very excited!! Hope it makes you all chuckle!!

My Journey To See Ralph McTell At The Royal Albert Hall May 12th-13th 2016

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