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Last Sunday I caught a train to Birmingham New Street. Nothing unusual about that is there? Well for me it was as I have not travelled on a train by myself before!

I usually drive everywhere, but it made sense to go by train as my future daughter in law lives in Birmingham and we have planned a shopping spree for wedding accessory purchases in the centre of town.

The first wedding and Civil Ceremony takes place in Hereford in four weeks time. The second wedding and a Greek Orthodox Blessing takes place in Obidos, Portugal on July 30th. I have Jacques Vert dresses for both occasions but as yet, no accessories. So a hat or hats (maybe), shoes or sandals and handbag or handbags are required. On the whole I am not a big fan of shopping, but there will be a lunch involved, so that is good and a great incentive!

The weather was grey and mizzling, but that did not spoil our day out as most of it was spent indoors!


A view of Birmingham New Street Station from outside

New Street station is VAST! Luckily I found my way out quite easily and Toni was waiting to meet me.

We started off in John Lewis and I tried on at least ten pairs of navy shoes and navy sandals! Flats, cube heels, medium heels, high heels, strappy, cross over, slip ons, laces. Finally I found THE pair.

Birmingham shopping

Super sandals!

Navy blue suede, a two inch heel and easy to walk in. A MUST for a wedding!! The price was a bit eye watering, so I am not revealing it!!

Now, to look for a clutch bag. Who knew there were so many different types of clutch bags! John Lewis is massive and row upon row of bags in all colours were catching my eye. Then I saw one that Toni and I agreed was perfect and it was in the sale! (Or so we thought). Alas, at the till, it went through as £79.99 and unfortunately was not a sale item after all. So, we agreed that lunch should be the next port of call as we were both hungry.

Carluccios was chosen on Toni's recommendation and three courses were on offer at £12.99.  I had Bruschetta with pea and mint, Tuna Niçoise Salad and Vanilla and Rum pana cotta which filled me up nicely with a glass of Italian lemonade. Toni chose a different type of Bruschetta followed by a chicken dish and the same pana cotta as me.

 Clutch bag Birm article

Valentino clutch bag

T K Maxx was the next shop we tried for a clutch bag. Again, masses of choice in a very big store. Toni spotted a Valentino bag in navy which matched my shoes perfectly. She insisted on paying for it which was lovely, so all I need now is a hat or a fascinator.

On we go to Debenhams. The hat department has all shapes and sizes, plain colours, patterns, etc etc. I tried a few on but decided a hat was not for me. Onto the fascinator rails and again all colours and styles. I tried on a few and could not decide, but then saw one and we both agreed it was 'me.'

Fascinator Birmingham

A Fascinator - never worn one before!

The colours chosen will match both dresses so I am very pleased and that's my accessories sorted.A cup of tea is now required! I also realised that we had not set foot outside yet and it was 3pm! It was good to have some fresh air and the rain temporarily stopped. My first cup of tea since 8am was very welcome.

Then the rain decided to reappear!

Toni Birm

Toni helping to carry the packages!

We talked non stop the whole time about the wedding plans and it was lovely to have a day out. All too soon, I was back on the train and arrived in Hereford at 6pm.

Me Birmingham

Think that is everything!

The photos of my dresses will be shared with you after the big days.

In four weeks time Toni will officially become part of the family and we have always loved and enjoyed her company from the first time James introduced her to us all.

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