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Obidos (blog)

Obidos Lagoon on the Silver Coast Portugal. Photo copyright Steve Davies

Mrs Oapschat is going on holiday soon for two weeks and is attending a wedding in Portugal!

When I set up my website, on 1st November 2013, little did I realise how BIG it would become! Since that day, I have only been absent from the website for 24 hours when the internet broke down.

I have been on breaks in the UK over the last two and a half years, but I have always had my work computer with me and spent time on the website whilst I have been away.

Obidos blog

View of Obidos lagoon. Photo copyright Steve Davies

My elder son will be married in Hereford on 18th July and the happy couple are having a blessing and a wedding party in Caldas Da Rainha on 30th July.

I will only have my iPad with me and am not sure if the world wide web will be available in certain places I am visiting. I shall be posting on Facebook most days, but will not be publishing any new content on the website from 18th July until August 4th.

Obidos blog

Medieval walled castle Obidos Photo copyright Steve Davies

I feel like I shall be without a part of me, but this is where hopefully, you will step in and maybe copy and paste some articles onto your Facebook and Twitter pages please.

If you are a valued contributor, can you copy and paste one or more of your articles for members to read for the first time or to re visit? For my many other Oapschat FB friends, please can you copy and paste some articles you have enjoyed reading from the 970+ available posts?

I don’t want the website to drop off the radar for 16 days, so if you can help at all, that will be fantastic.

Obidos blog

Obidos lagoon Photo copyright Steve Davies

Our contributor Steve Davies who lives with his wife in Portugal will be meeting Derek and I for the first time. My most long distance Oapschatter to meet so far!! Steve lives on Portugal’s Silver Coast and has kindly allowed me to share some of his photos with you all. I think you will agree the Silver Coast looks fabulous!

I shall be back in Blighty with lots of new material stored in my ‘brain’ and some great photos taken over the fortnight to share with you. There will also be write ups of the Hereford wedding ceremony and the Portugese wedding party.

Thank you everyone!

Obidos blog

Beautiful butterfly in Obidos. Photo copyright Steve Davies

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