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I was thinking yesterday about all the post it notes I have scattered around my house in order to remember things I have to do. 

Here are a few memory tips, starting with a post our good friend and OAPSchatter Fred Walton sent me.

One of the things about getting older is that your memory is no longer what it was, as long as you remember to go to bed at night, get up in the morning, and feed yourself, it isn't too much of a problem. But when you forget to order your tablets like I often do and you always seem to run out out one of them on a Saturday and probably won't get a replacement until Tuesday, that can be a problem. Fortunately I am only on five a day, same as the vegetables, but I still manage to run out of at least one of them on a regular basis. I came up with an idea which I think some of you who do the same as me, might find helpful. In an empty tablet box I have put a weeks supply of each tablet and marked it EMERGENCY SUPPLY, and put it in my medication shoe box, so if I do run out of any tablet I have enough to keep me going until my new supplies arrive. By changing them for new tablets once a year you will keep inside the expiry date. Now I only have to remember to replace any that I use, that could be a problem.

Here are some of my tips.

I never go to town without a shopping list.

I write post it notes and stick them to the bookcase in front of my computer and on the doors in the house.

I put messages in my shoes.

I txt a message into the draft section of my phone.

I play the HVS cd's over and over in the car until I am BORED rigid with them!!

I keep a notepad and pens in the car.

Do some mental arithmetic every day and maybe a crossword.

I ask Derek to remind me certain things, he then says ‘Who will remind me to remind you?!’

This website has some good tips.

Please share some of yours with us?

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