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Southampton Jan 2015

This week I am revisiting a blog I wrote exactly one year ago. Some of you may not have read about Derek and I meeting up with Norman and Terri. The weather is almost the same as today, dry, cold and sunny.

We had been looking at boats, lots and lots of boats! Oh my goodness, there is some money's worth at Hamble! On a sunny winter's day, they glisten and gleam in the sunshine, many have their owners on board lovingly polishing the frames and sorting out sails.

Push the boat out

I've never been a sailor so cannot comprehend the pleasure these people obviously have from their "hobby". But Derek and I had great fun walking around the ones that were for sale and gasping at the price tags. Anything from 200K to over £1million. What a wonderful way to enjoy oneself. Out on the Hamble and into the Solent on a calm sunny day. I'm sure I could mange that providing I had an experienced anchorman!!



Lots and lots of yachts and various boats

However, I was here to meet up again with Norman and Terri and have lunch at The Water's EdgeWe have eaten here before and I can highly recommend the restaurant with its fabulous views and great service.

Derek and I last met up with our fellow Oapschatters in October and it was great to see them again.

Norman and Terri

Norman and Terri

A lovely lunch was eaten and lots of chatter took place. We feel like we have known them far longer than the few hours we have spent together. Since then, Norman, Terri and her husband Chris have been to stay in Herefordshire and we have been to Littlehampton. We are all firm friends now and often Facetime Norman. This would never have occured if the website had not been developed.

Another meeting will be arranged soon and if any other Oapschatters could meet up with us at a destination suitable for all, please let me know!

Have a good week everyone, see you next Saturday.


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