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Solar Panels

Have you noticed that more and more houses in the UK are having Solar Panels installed?  How long does it really take to recoup the cost?

This week I have been mulling over the idea that maybe Solar Panels will be a good investment.

A few years ago, I invited a salesman to my house as I was interested in maybe having Solar Panels installed. Government grants were availabale (and still are). I was told however that my house did not face the ‘right way’ so I would not be able to have them fitted.

Over time however, numerous phone calls have been made to me by companies telling me I do have a house that faces the correct way and I am a suitable candidate for Solar Panels. I haven’t done anything about it.

A few months ago, four houses in my street had the panels fitted, but I do not know how long it will take them to recoup dividends.

Does anyone know the ‘true’ cost?

Our good friend and contributor, Tottie Limejuice, (Lesley Krither) was the unfortunate victim of a scam and wrote about it for us.  She is in the process of trying to recoup some of her losses. I really hope she succeeds!

This is an interesting web page about Solar Panels and costs. The internet is awash with companies offering to install the panels. Now I have reached the grand age of 60, I somehow think I will not take the risk. Am I losing out??

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