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Derek in Topsham

Oapschat Towers has been busy as usual and this week has been blessed with good weather to be outdoors and appreciate all the lovely blooms that are everywhere to be seen.

My great nephew, neice and her partner are over in the UK from Minnesota and came to Hereford on Monday. It was lovely to see them and we spent the day chatting and eating. The time passed all too quickly and makes one realise how important and precious families are.

Northaven Gardens Exeter

Yours truly in Northernhay Gardens

On Wednesday, Derek and I drove to Exeter to see my youngest son for the day. An enjoyable time was had by all.

Northernhay Gardens Exeter

A small section of lovely blooms in Northernhay Gardens, Exeter

The weather was again perfect for walking around this super city. We ambled around Northernhay Gardens and then decided to catch a train to Topsham for lunch. A ten minute journey found us in this attractive town located on the Exe estuary. It is now known as part of Exeter, but certainly has a unique identity of its own.

Passage Inn Topsham

The Passage House Inn

Lunch was taken in an Inn which dates back to 1788. The Passage House Inn has an enviable situation overlooking the River Exe and the many different types of boats which pass through and also moor there.

Topsham Exe

A view of the Exe estuary

After lunch, we took a walk along the river bank admiring the different types of fishing vessels and spent a good half hour in the Quay Antiques Warehouse which contains many and varied pieces of furnture, silverware, pictures, clocks and much much more.

Derek in Topsham

Can Derek afford to buy a house here? NO!

We also walked around the quaint streets and admired the lovely cottages and houses. All of which are out of my price range!


Topsham Swan

A swan has her nest right next to the riverbank!

After catching the train back to Exeter, we took another walk around the city's many back streets and ended up at The Phoenix, a multi-form arts venue. We sat outside on the terrace and enjoyed a very welcome beer!

Robin in Exeter

A brave robin came to say hello!

Notice the visitor who dared to come close to us! An almost tame robin was looking for crumbs and was not at all shy!

All too soon, it was time to return to Hereford, but we will go back before too long.

On Friday, I met a new friend at Wyevale Garden Centre and an article will be written for the website in the coming days about our meeting.

Have a good week Oapschatters, see you next Saturday!

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