TV Blog wk 43

Television. To many people this conjurs up phrases such as, 'must have TV on','can't miss this programme','The Soaps are brilliant.'etc etc. It may be the only device worth interacting with in some households.

Some nouns that spring to mind when thinking about TV programmes are relaxation,anticipation, suspense and even stress.

In order for us to watch,we must pay a TV licence. (Over 75's are exempt and other groups of people have a reduction in the fee)

John Logie Baird invented the television and from October 1925, the picture quality and screen sizes have improved immeasurably. So much so that often one feels as if one can touch the screen and the person or animal for instance, will jump out! Screen sizes fill the walls of people's lounges and pubs pay huge sums in order to televise national events and mainly sport fixtures.

Top of Pops 70s

Nostalgia watching 1970's Top Of The Pops!

A TV Licence to watch terrestrial TV costs £145.50 per year for most of us. There are exemptions etc as I have said above. That equates to around £2.79 per week. Good value? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I can honestly say that I only watch around three hours of TV per week. This is made up of a couple of documentaries and maybe snippets of programmes or news.  This works out at 93p per hour roughly.

Snowdonia blog43

Majestic Snowdonia

This week I have watched 'Caroline Quentin in Snowdonia'  for just under an hour and 'Japan, Earth's Enchanted Islands', both excellent documentaries and a repeat of 1970's Top Of The Pops for some light entertainment and memories! Other than these three programmes, the TV has not been on. Also, I have never desired Cable subscriptions, the list of which are endless and mind boggling!

Japan blog 43

An aerial view of Setonaikai National Park, part of the many islands in Japan

One has to pay the licence fee in order to watch 'live' TV, but no fee is required on 'catch up' or 'iplayer.'

I can also listen to the radio for free. So I am thinking really hard about whether I can justify the cost. I am so busy on my website now, that any spare time I have, I want to spend outdoors.

Could you live without your TV? I'm listening to Spotify as I type at the moment!

Have a good week everyone!

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