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Worcester Blog 44

A day away from the screen on Tuesday resulted in a trip to Worcester by train to meet up with my eldest son for lunch and catching up on family news.

The weather did not disappoint and rather than go shopping, we decided to walk along the riverbank and see sights that we did not know about until now.

Worcester blog 44

Enjoying the sunshine with James

Lunch was taken in the garden of Diglis House Hotel. Derek and I opted for fish and chips which arrived wrapped up in paper, just like the chip shop ones are served. James, my son, had a home made burger with chips and salad. All three of us agreed that the meals were delicious, made all the more tasty by eating Al Fresco!


Worcester blog44

People on board This river cruiser having fun!

A River Cruiser boat with people on board having a great time and waving at passers by. Then a narrow boat came by. As we continued our walk, we came across some private land and saw many residential narrowboats. The residents had miniature gardens situated around their boats.  I had no idea people lived in narrowboats in Worcester! 

Worcester blog44

Residential Narrowboats

Worcester blog44

'Mollie" leisurely enjoying the calm river

It was a lovely day out and Worcester is now on my list of places to re visit!

Yesterday morning, two Oapschatters, Margaret and Ken, plus my neighbour Chris recorded a ‘Pilot’ video for a new Game Show called Watch Out! More details about this possibe exciting venture will follow in the coming week.

Have a good week and I will see you next Saturday!

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