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Blog Wk 47

I am a wine lover as many of you know, but this week I have been to Broadfield Court, Bodenham where they make and sell wine, and to a local pub where good wine is sold and I only drank ginger beer!

It was lovely to meet Georgia Hill again after our first cuppa together earlier on this year.

We decided it would be a change to go somewhere other than a coffee shop in town, so Broadfield Court, Bodenham was chosen. After the heavy rain in the morning, we did not envisage sitting outside, but the skies brightened and we were able to enjoy a pot of tea and some light refreshments. Wendy chose a scone with cream and jam and I opted for a slice of walnut and coffee cake. Both were homemade and thoroughly delicious. 

Blog wk 47

Extensive lawns

Much chatter was involved and a look around the glorious settings of the gardens and out buildings. The cafe itself not only serves food and drink, but also sells jams, honeys, sauces,gifts, and of course, wines! All in all, a lovely way to spend a couple of hours. I took some photos which I would like to share with you. A lot more information can be found on the website.

Blog week 47

Part of the courtyard

Blog wk 47

We found this sign amusing!

Blog wk 47

Lovely building and gardens

Blog wk 47

Georgia smiling as the sun came out!

Blog wk 47

Home made dressings!

Blog wk 47

Part of the inside of the cafe displaying various products to buy

On Thursday I took Derek to The Crown and Anchor at Lugwardine for his birthday lunch. This is a quaint village pub about three miles from where I live. I drove so that he could enjoy a glass, or should I say a BOTTLE of wine!

Blog wk 46

Wine is chosen...

There were many people enjoying the ambience and quality food. I chose a smoked salmon salad and Derek chose fish and chips, which was enormous!! See below photo for proof!

Bog wk 46

Derek chose a mini whale for his meal! 

We both chose a small pancake filled with summer fruits and ice cream from the light lunch menu for dessert and it was ample. The chef even included a candle for his birthday!

Blog wk 47

A pancake for dessert with a candle on top!

We stayed at the pub for over two hours and saw a few people that we had not met for years, so more chat was involved. Do visit both Broadfield Court and The Crown and Anchor if you are in the area. A great way to unwind for a while.

Have a good week everyone, see you next Saturday!  

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